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Learn Cursive

This zine shows how to make all the letters, both uppercase and lowercase, and includes space for practicing.

I originally put this together for the girls at tutoring. Most kids don’t learn cursive handwriting in school anymore, but they still want to have awesome signatures and be able to write sophisticated-looking notes.

If you want an official workbook, this isn’t it. I wrote out all the examples myself and I’m not a teacher and I don’t have perfect handwriting. But I did my best, and I was trained in the Palmer method by Mrs. Lamm back in third grade, so my examples will show you the basics of cursive.


1/2 size zine, 30 pages.

Available for download at Alexis’ wonderful BrokenBeautiful Press, here.

To order a paper copy, email thedailythe(at) $1 plus postage.