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Ain’t Nobody’s Business

Today is a lovely spring day, full of robins and sunshine. I’m feeling so happy that I’m going to treat you to “Ain’t Nobody’s Business.” Pretend it’s 1968 and you’ve just bought the So Fine album. The first song on side 1 is the infectious “Betcha Can’t Kiss Me (Just One Time),” and it’s followed by “Ain’t Nobody’s Business.”

Wow, what a fun song: a trombone, a fast beat and the Ikettes chiming in with some quality “Oooh ooh oohs.” Great. Let’s listen to the lyrics:

If me and my baby have a quarrel and fight / Then we make looove and everything be alright / It ain’t noooobody’s business / It ain’t noooobody’s business / It AIN’T nooooobody’s business / What me and my man do

Ok, fair enough.

If me and my man have to sleep in the streets / Eat soup and crackers seven days a week / It just ain’t noooobody’s business. . .

Hmm, that’s a little weird.

If he likes women and likes to blow his dough / And I get out in the streets and help him get some more / It ain’t NOOOObody’s business. . .

Wait, what did she just sing?!

If I get a job and give him my pay / The WHOLE world shall smile and have nothin’ to say / ‘Cause it AIN’T nobody’s business. . .


All right, back in 2008 now: this is just the kind of crazy song I love them for. Ike wrote it, it’s completely upbeat, and Tina sounds rather cheerful. In fact, it’s a nice song for a spring day like today. You could eat an ice cream sundae to “Ain’t Nobody’s Business.” You could plant flowers, play marbles, or bake a pie to this song. DJs on “goodtime oldies” stations can play this right after “Rockin’ Robin”. . .you get the idea.

Listen to it streaming here.

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