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I Don’t Know What You Got (But It’s Got Me)

Baby, baby, baby, I feel so all alone. Sometime I just CRY, I SIGH. Sometime I even moan. Because Baby, I don’t know what it is, But I FIND MYSELF livin’ at your will. This is a bit out of line, because this is not an Ike & Tina song. But, but, but. . .when […]

Long, Long Time

“Long, Long Time” is a song by Gary White, which Tina covers on 1974’s Tina Turns the Country On! It was originally a single for Linda Ronstadt in 1970. It’s a sad song, my favorite from this album. It’s a hard record to find, but you can listen to it online here. Love will abide […]

I Smell Trouble

And now for some blues, for people who likes the blues. I’m fixin’ to take my yearly trip to St. Louis soon, so I’ve been listening to What You Hear Is What You Get: Live at Carnegie Hall in anticipation. I think this LP has my favorite cover art of all their albums: The Carnegie […]

Prisoner in Love (No Bail in This Jail)

Well, I’m back, thanks to two key purchases:  1) I found a copy of What You Hear Is What You Get: Live at Carnegie Hall at Nice Price — so exciting! and 2) finally got that Ike Turner: The Bad Man CD, which includes some Ikettes cuts worth talking about. So, to begin: my first […]

Dreaming about unheard Ikettes singles over candied yams

During my recent trip back to St. Louis I finally had the pleasure of eating at Sweetie Pie’s, the soul food restaurant that Robbie Montgomery runs.  Robbie is one of the original Ikettes, a talented lady who had the sense to leave the group fairly early on and got steady work with lots of other […]

Better Be Good to Me

Tina’s Theme! Forget about “What’s Love Got to Do with It,” this is the most iconic song on the album. It was written by Holly Knight, who is the rock talent behind “Love Is a Battlefield” and Tina’s later hit “The Best.” (She also wrote Rod Stewart’s “Love Touch,” that ’80s hit with the video […]

I Can’t Stand the Rain

When I was a kid listening to my mom’s Private Dancer cassette in the living room, I remember loving this song best. I was also a fool for the Pointer Sisters’ “Automatic” so I guess chilly electronic keyboards + strong female vocalists was just my thing back then. Listening to it now, it strikes me […]

I Might Have Been Queen

I know the secret combination! It’s Tina’s birthday today, so in her honor I thought I’d write up a few songs from her fabulous solo album, Private Dancer. If you haven’t listened to it in a while, I recommend a revisit. It’s still powerful–whatta comeback! Anyway, the song I want to highlight first is “I […]

What a combo. . .

Last night I was doing a crossword by Merl Reagle, my favorite. The theme was Combo Cuisines. Clue: Former rock duo’s favorite Mexican-Japanese eatery? ** Answer: Ay Cantina Tuna

A Fool for You

This is one of my favorites from the 1965 live album. It’s a cover of a brilliant Ray Charles song from the ’50s, specifically it’s a cover of Ray’s live version of “A Fool for You.” (His studio version is quite a bit more polished, less sad and bluesy.) Oh man, this is such a […]