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Part of the Ike and Tina Project

It’s All Over

This is one of my favorite songs on these live recordings, mostly because it showcases Tina’s voice really nicely. Besides being included on The Ike & Tina Turner Show – Live Volume 2 LP, “It’s All Over” was released as a single with “Finger Poppin’” in 1964. Your guess is as good as mine as […]

Tight Pants

Live! The Greatest, Wildest Show of All The Ike & Tina Turner Show Soul and Rock That Do Not Stop Yes, thanks to the excellent stock at Offbeat Music, I finally own the 1965 Ike and Tina live albums. (Originally two separate releases, volumes I and II are combined on one CD, released in 2006 […]

Club Manhattan

One thing that this project has taught me is that I much prefer the Ike and Tina music of the ’60s over their work in the ’70s. For the most part, their ’70s rocker stuff grates on my ears. Tina’s voice starts reminding me more and more of Ann Wilson on “Barracuda” (one of my […]

Hard Times

Poor Kent Records, they did not get much good material out of Ike and Tina when they signed them in the early ’60s. At this time Ike, the canny businessman that he was, was maximizing profits by recording all over the place, pumping out songs for several labels. They released two LPs on Kent, both […]

I Idolize You

This is the runner-up in my Ike and Tina Songs That Remind Me of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins Sweepstakes. “I Idolize You” was released in 1960–the third single that they put out. “Letter from Tina” was the B-side. It’s a real smooth rhythm and blues number. If they were playing this in the clubs in St. […]

Puppy Love

Sometimes listed as “Chances Are.” It’s my fondest dream that someone would find an Ike and Tina recording of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ “I Put a Spell on You.” But in the meantime, “Puppy Love” is the next best thing. Wait, “Puppy Love”?! I know the title sounds like some kind of Brenda Lee ditty, but […]

This Man’s Crazy

“This Man’s Crazy” is a frenetic number from Ike and Tina’s 1963 album It’s Gonna Work Out Fine. As I mentioned in a previous post, Ike said that he wrote songs with Little Richard’s voice in mind. This song could serve as exhibit A. Listen: This Man’s Crazy It’s a breakneck rock song, with a […]

Tina’s Dilemma

Ikettes: Tina! Tina: Yes, ‘ettes? Ikettes: Why do you love that guy? “Tina’s Dilemma” was released as a single in 1963. It’s a crazy little number where the Ikettes and Tina squabble over her man and his cheating ways. This is probably my favorite Ikettes part, as they persistently poke at Tina about her no-good […]

Something Came Over Me

“It’s funny how things have changed since I fell in love with you. . .” “Something Came Over Me” appeared on the 1964 album The Soul of Ike & Tina Turner and is a sequel to their 1961 single, “It’s Gonna Work Out Fine.” Like its predecessor, “Something Came Over Me” is a conversation song, […]

A Fool in Love

All right, let’s go way back to Ike and Tina’s first single and first hit, “A Fool in Love.” They released this on Sue Records in 1960 and it went to #2 on the R&B charts, and #27 on the pop charts. When I listen to this song, an image comes into my mind of […]