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It’s All Over

This is one of my favorite songs on these live recordings, mostly because it showcases Tina’s voice really nicely. Besides being included on The Ike & Tina Turner Show – Live Volume 2 LP, “It’s All Over” was released as a single with “Finger Poppin'” in 1964.

Your guess is as good as mine as to who wrote this song. This live LP has a lot of reworked rock songs and blues standards. I’ve never heard “It’s All Over” before, but that’s not a good indication of whether or not it’s an Ike composition. In any case, it’s a fine soul number.

It starts out with the horns, a stuttering trumpet, and the Ikettes clapping a rhythm. A full-throated Tina starts letting the crowd know that she is through with her man. Her singing is full of little trills, something like that trumpet:

The loove I once had for hi-im has all grown co-o-old / Oh yes it has / And it TOOK A MINUTE of prayer [?] / But no-o-ow I’ve reached my go-o-oal / Oh yes I have / But IT TOOK A LOOONG ti-i-ime/ FOR ME TO MAKE UP MY mi-i-i-ind / but it’s A-A-ALL over now / It’s all over! / Yeah / I said it’s all over now / I wanna tell ya that / I don’t love him / Oh no, I don’t / And I SAY THAT I-I-I don’t need him / Any MO-O-O-ORE / OH NO I DON’T / Because HE’S too BOLD for ME / And that’s why I let him go-o-o / Oh yes I did.

Her voice sounds strong and fiery, though not heartbroken or even bitter. To me, it sounds like Tina likes this tune, and is enjoying performing it.

I notice that a few much-later compilation albums chose “It’s All Over” for their title. That’s about right. You could definitely use this song to represent the public idea of Ike and Tina, with post-I, Tina hindsight.

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