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Tina’s Dilemma

Ikettes: Tina!
Tina: Yes, ‘ettes?
Ikettes: Why do you love that guy?

“Tina’s Dilemma” was released as a single in 1963. It’s a crazy little number where the Ikettes and Tina squabble over her man and his cheating ways.

This is probably my favorite Ikettes part, as they persistently poke at Tina about her no-good man, asking questions like “Do you think that he loves you?” They are like a pack of annoying little sisters. Tina sounds exasperated as they keep on badgering her. I imagine this was an entertaining live number.

Ikettes: Tina!
Tina: Now what girls?
Ikettes: Would you believe your man plays around?
Tina: Sure! But what I don’t see don’t hurt me
Ikettes: But Tina?
Tina: (tired) Yeah?
Ikettes: He could mean you no good
Tina: Listen to this: The things he do that I don’t see / Believe me baby it don’t bother me / So leeeeave / Leave my business aloooone, yeah / Because he gives me his lovin’ each and every day / And right by his side is where I’m gonna stay
Ikettes: Tina!
Tina: Oh go on, leave me alone

Identifying the Ikettes is a chancy business, since the line-up changed so often. And of course they aren’t credited on the liner notes I have. I’m guessing that on this recording the Ikettes were probably Delores Johnson, Eloise Hester, Joshie Armstead.  (Or maybe Jessie Smith, Venetta Fields and Robbie Montgomery?)

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