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Puppy Love

Sometimes listed as “Chances Are.”

It’s my fondest dream that someone would find an Ike and Tina recording of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ “I Put a Spell on You.” But in the meantime, “Puppy Love” is the next best thing.

Wait, “Puppy Love”?! I know the title sounds like some kind of Brenda Lee ditty, but instead it’s a slinky, otherworldly number. This is way more Screamin’ Jay than Paul Anka.

The song creeps steadily along with the bass. The drums, guitars, and piano lurk in the background. The Ikettes sing in a spooky, detached harmony. Young Tina’s sound is appropriately mysterious and ominous:

To yooooou it’s just a puppy loooove / You never caaaared how much you broke my heeeart / But ONE DAY you’ll STOP and saaaay / Why did I TREAT little Tina that waaaay / And chances are you’ll be needing little me agaaain

Puppy love has never been so eerie!

This is an extremely interesting Ike and Tina cut. . .unlike anything else I’ve heard from them. (Much more voodoo than “Mojo Queen.”) It was the B-side of the 1962 single, “Tra La La La La.” I don’t know if Ike wrote it or not. . .if you have the 45, look at it and let me know.

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