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Club Manhattan

One thing that this project has taught me is that I much prefer the Ike and Tina music of the ’60s over their work in the ’70s. For the most part, their ’70s rocker stuff grates on my ears. Tina’s voice starts reminding me more and more of Ann Wilson on “Barracuda” (one of my least favorite songs). To think that Tina might be responsible for the screechy sound of early Heart. . .it’s sad to me. Ike is a professional, and he keeps things moving along with the times, but the music sounds uninspired.

I’ve been thinking that I should do a post on “Nutbush City Limits,” since that’s sort of a pivotal song for Tina, autobiographical, blah blah blah. But if I’m going to bite the bullet and profile one of the songs from the album Nutbush City Limits, I’d rather do “Club Manhattan.”

I think Ike and Tina meant for “Nutbush City Limits” and “Club Manhattan” to be bookends to the LP. They are both autobiographical songs, and besides that, they sound a lot alike, even down to that ear-piercing synthesizer.

The reason I prefer “Club Manhattan” is that it’s the only example I know of them glorifying their early days playing clubs in East St. Louis.

Over cross the east bridge / Down in East St. Louis / Six blocks down Broadway / There’s a swingin’ new club / It’s guaranteed good [???] / And women dressed in satin / Over at the Club Manhattan

This fictional club seems real interesting, the more she tells us about it:

It’s open seven nights a week/ And there’s people far as you can see / They play craps in back / And they fry fish up in the front / You just name the drink and they’ll fix it for ya / The man understands, sugar / And Ike Turner and the Kings of Rhythm / Over at the Club Manhattan

Wow, this place sounds great! I love fried fish! Of course, she also tells us how packed the place always is, so doesn’t it get a little gross with all the fried fish smell and bodies packed in? Aren’t the ladies afraid of getting grease on their satin dresses? Nothing shows grease like satin.

You can listen to it streaming here.

Anyway, the project is winding down now unless I get a new Ike & Tina Turner album that piques my interest.

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