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Dreaming about unheard Ikettes singles over candied yams

During my recent trip back to St. Louis I finally had the pleasure of eating at Sweetie Pie’s, the soul food restaurant that Robbie Montgomery runs.  Robbie is one of the original Ikettes, a talented lady who had the sense to leave the group fairly early on and got steady work with lots of other good acts.  She was at Sweetie Pie’s when we were there–wearing a hair cap and chatting and smiling.

Which leads to the obvious question: why don’t I own any Ikettes records?  I’ve ogled the Fine, Fine, Fine compilation a few times in the record store.  But it doesn’t have the singles I’m really dying to hear–songs with amazing titles like “Zizzy Zee Zum Zum,” “Pee Wee,” “Come On and Truck,” and “Prisoner In Love (No Bail In This Jail).”  I guess I should start trolling the Internet for some used records.

Anyway, next time you are in St. Louis, Sweetie Pie’s is definitely worth a trip.  The yams were the best side I tried there, but everything looked good.  There are two locations, one in the city at 4270 Manchester Avenue and another out north at 9841 W. Florissant Road.  Bring some honey packets in your purse if you want it for your cornbread.

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