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I Love Baby

“I Love Baby” is from the album ‘Nuff Said. This is one of the four albums they released in 1971. ‘Nuff Said didn’t produce any hit singles, but it must have sold OK because I always see this LP in used record stores.

In any case, I enjoy this album–it’s funky and features a good horn section. There’s a notice on the credits that “Ike & Tina Turner’s band formerly known as ‘The Kings of Rhythm’ has changed their name to ‘Family Vibs.'” I’ll venture a guess that they changed the name because they added Mary Reed as the tenor saxophone. (On later albums it’s spelled Family Vibes, so this may be a typo on the back cover.)

Anyway, the Family Vib[e]s impressed me on “I Love Baby.” Soko Richardson’s slow rolling drum beat first drew me to this song, then I started grooving to the horns and Ike’s organ playing. This is a cool rhythm track. Tina’s delivery rolls right along with the band.

The lyrics are basic stuff–Tina loves her Baby, he’s a good man, he doesn’t play around, he’s good in bed, etc. Her singing isn’t that great, perhaps because she’s about to drop down exhausted from the constant touring.

You can listen to it here.

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