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Record Exchange St. Louis

Just got home from St. Louis and wanted to plug the fabulous used record store, the Record Exchange.  Incomparable for Ike and Tina records!  This place is in a former bank building and is packed to the gills with records, CDs and movies. Next time you are in St. Louis check it out, it’s at 5320 Hampton Ave. — not far from the Chippewa Ted Drewe’s.

Guess what I found there?

Tina Turns the Country On!


Whatta find!  I’m ecstatic! I’ve been wanting this for years. More posts to come once I’ve had time to digest the album. But, as a teaser, here’s the track listing:

Side One

Bayou Song (PJ Morse)

Help Me Make It Through the Night (K Kristofferson)

Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You (B Dylan)

If You Love Me (Let Me Know) (J Rostill)

He Belongs To Me (Bob Dylan)

Side Two

Don’t Talk Now (J Taylor)

Long Long Time (G White)

I’m Moving On (H Snow)

There’ll Always Be Music (D Parton)

The Love That Lights Our Way (F Karlin/M Karlin)

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