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The Hunter

This is the title track from a 1969 album. . .one of six LPs they released that year. Of those six, two of them were released on Blue Thumb Records: The Hunter and Outta Season. The Blue Thumb releases were almost entirely blues covers, and Ike is really in his element on these discs.

The song “The Hunter” was written by the guys in Booker T. & the MGs, and gives Ike some nice guitar licks and blues piano to work with. The song’s lyrics have Tina hunting big, handsome men:

I got my love gun loaded / With hugs and kisses / When I pull my trigger / There won’t be no misses / There ain’t no need to hide / Ain’t no use to run / ‘Cause I got you in the sight of my loooove gun.

Just like when Apollonia sings the Prince-penned “Sex Shooter,” the phallic imagery is a bit subtler coming from a female singer. (Wait, I take that back–there’s nothing subtle about “Sex Shooter.”)

Ike’s facility with the blues makes this a great track, and I also like Tina’s delivery. The song isn’t as overheated as many of Ike’s compositions, so she has room to give it a little attitude. (As opposed to keeping it cranked up to 11, as she often had to do.) “I’m a big game hunter, baby!”

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