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It Sho’ Ain’t Me

Now how about a downbeat song for a rainy day? “It Sho Ain’t Me” is the third track on the album So Fine, coming right after the irrepressible “Betcha Can’t Kiss Me (Just One Time)” and “Ain’t Nobody’s Business.”

The album notes credit this song to M. Rice. I’m going to assume that’s Mack Rice, a songwriter from Stax Records. He’s the talented man who wrote “Mustang Sally” and “Respect Yourself,” among others.

“It Sho Ain’t Me” is a real nice sad song. The band’s sound is understated; I especially like the organ part in the very beginning and the saxophone solos toward the end. The Ikettes’ singing is better (or maybe it’s the recording that’s better) than usual.

But it’s the song itself, coupled with Tina’s soulful delivery, that’s so memorable. Tina does some of her best singing on this track. Don’t get me wrong, I really love Tina’s ability to wail and shout, and appreciate the talent that went into those rougher-sounding numbers. But it’s nice to change it up and hear her really sing, especially on a song this good and melancholy. Here she’s much more Otis Redding than Little Richard.

I won’t cry / Although you’re leaving me / And I won’t sigh, baby / Although it’s hurting me so bad / Now, I don’t have to analyze your mind / To know that someone else is taking all your time / And I know it ain’t me / Sho ain’t me

This song is just beautiful to me.

Note: don’t ever try to Google “It Sho Ain’t Me,” because it will just bring up a bunch of badly spelled, all-caps MySpace messages along the lines of “call someone who cares, cuz it sho aint me!”

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