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It’s Gonna Work Out Fine

This is an early ’60s call-and-response number between Ike and Tina, with the Ikettes and Mickey & Sylvia chiming in on back-up vocals. Tina sings and Ike makes droll rejoinders in a honey-voiced tone. The overall sound is similar to Mickey & Sylvia’s “Love Is Strange,” with the addition of Tina’s out-of-this-world vocals. She keeps it at least somewhat under control for the first minute or so, but then starts letting loose. “I’M SO GLAD THAT YOU’RE MINE!!”

I appreciate how this single presented an Ike & Tina creation story for fans to latch onto. To wit:

Tina: Remember. . .
Ike: Remember what?
Tina: They used to call you Dapper Dan
Ike: Yes, those were the good old days
Tina: The Thriller. . .
Ike: The Killer, honey
Tina: The ever-ready loving man
Ike: That’s me!
Tina: Oh yeah. . .A whole lotta girls used to be your speed/but now pretty daddy I’m all you need

But it also foreshadows the couple’s volatility. Tina’s constant repetition of “I think/know/feel it’s gonna work out fine” grows increasingly agitated as the song goes on. The listener compares Tina’s heated passion (“Your lips set my SOUL ON FIRE!”) with Ike’s bemused comments (“Oh really?”), and it doesn’t seem very likely at all that things will work out fine.

You can hear the song streaming here.

Edit:  According to several sources, the male voice on this track is actually Mickey Baker.  But the song definitely presents this as an exchange between Ike and Tina (she sings, “I wanna tell you something, Ike”), so I’m not revising any of the above thoughts.  See post on the sequel song, “Something Came Over Me” for more.

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