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The Ike & Tina project

I’m adrift without the 19th-century reading project to organize my life, so I think I’ll start something new.

This past summer I celebrated a Summer of Ike & Tina, that is, I bought a bunch of Ike & Tina Turner albums and got obsessed with them. I’d been meaning to do that since I lived in St. Louis.

And then, as you know, Ike died last month.

So here’s the project: every other day I am going to listen to a song from Ike & Tina, really listen to it. Then I’ll write my thoughts about it here. Will this be of any interest to you? Probably not. But I really like their music, and this will be a reason for me to think more about it and parse out why I dig it so much.

Cover of Dynamite

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